The School Project
Can You Help?

Can you help us build a school in Bangladesh? Give children access to education?


There are children in villages in the district of Sunamganj that do not have access to secondary school (UK equivalent of Middle School) or have to travel over an hour to get there.


We at Ulla Isa Trust want to give these children access to education. A chance to make a career, to learn, t be able to gain further Education.


We are working with the Government in Sunamganj to build a school for 400 students.

What We Plan To Do!
We will be purchasing 1 acre of land in an easy to access location.
We will design and start to build a hightech school for 400 children. The children will get access to a large playground, science labs and IT suite.
Working closely with the government we will ensure the teachers carry a high standard.
The children will learn all Key Subjects such as Maths and Science but also learn English, IT and Design, to give them a better chance at broader careers.

Who Are We?
We are a registered Charity based in Milton Keynes (charity number 1183824) with the aim to give access to education, cleaner water, and a better tomorrow to children in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.


We pride ourselves on sending every penny to the cause and sharing regular updates of our work on social media and with the fantastic members of the public supporting us.


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